CWRA 2018 Alberta Branch Conference Program

Sunday March 25   
Start Time Description
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Ice breaker / Exhibitor Display / Registration
Monday March 26   

Continental breakfast

Registration Opens



Conference welcome - Alberta CWRA President (15 mins)

Conference welcome - Red Deer Mayor? (15 mins)





Conference Keynote Speaker: Uldis Silins 

 Mine the Data - Mind the Resource: Déjà Vu or Grand Challenge for Alberta's Water Managers?

Conference Keynote Speaker: Scott Heckbert

Current and Future Frontiers in Water Research for Alberta

10:30 Break
  Session 1A
11:00 Presenter: Jason Unger
Data Uncertainty, The Law, and Implications for Water Management
11:30 Presenter: Judy Stewart
Data Data Everywhere, Why We Rely on Consultant Reports During Statutory Decision-Making Processes?


Networking lunch


  Session2A Session 2B 
1:30 Presenter: Jennifer Hiebert
How Confident Are You In That Watershed Delineation? A Comparison of Data Sources and Methods That Give Different Results
Presenter: Mike Gallant
Long-Term Riparian Restoration Monitoring in Calgary - The City of Calgary Riparian Monitoring Program
2:00 Presenter: Devin Coone
Procedure and Lessons Learned When Collecting Water Level Data During the Winter on the Bow River
Presenter: Scott Ketcheson
The Stony Mountain Headwater Catchment Observatory: Determining the Function of Heawater Catchments and Their Importance for Water Availability in the Athabasca River Basin
2:30 Break
  Session3A Session 3B
3:00 Presenter: Jon Fennell
Arsenic and Alberta's Groundwater: The Where and the Why
Presenter: Carly Silver
Integration of Waterbodies Into Urban Environments

Presenter: Andrew Chan
Hydrology of Prairie Pothole Wetland - Past, Present, and Future

Presenter: Manas Shome
Selection of Allowable Release Rates from Stormwater Management Facilities
5:30 Cocktails / Mixer
6:30 Dinner Start
7:30 - 9:00

Movie Presentation: What Lies Upstream. In this classic detective story, investigative filmmaker Cullen Hoback travels to West Virginia to uncover the truth behind a massive chemical spill that left 300,000 people without drinking water for months. But when Hoback discovers an obscene collusion between chemical corporations and the highest levels of government, the investigation spirals in a terrifying direction, and we learn the frightening truth about what lies upstream of us all.

Tuesday March 27   

Continental Breakfast

Registration Opens

  Session 4A Session 4B
8:30 Presenter: David Watson
Improving Flood Communication in Alberta
Presenter: Colin Langhorn
The Framework of Analysing Water Deficits with the Irrigation Demand Model Version 3.0
9:00 Presenter: Wolf Ploeger
Advances in Floodplain Mapping and Data Management
Presenter: Colin Hansen
The Advantages of Using R Open Source Software for Potential Evapotranspiration Analysis and Visualization
9:30 Presenter: Mike McDonald
Predictive Analytrics and Machine Learning Models for Flood Risk Forecasting

Presenter: Michael Seneka
Generation of Actual Evapotranspiration Map for Alberta

10:00 Break
  Session 5A Session 5B
10:30 Presenter: Ben Kerr
Alberta Water Tool
Presenter: Hesham Zare
Assessment of Moose Lake Weir Water Management Options - A Look at the Data, Its Use, and Outcomes
11:00 Presenter: Lindsay Day
Advancing Data Sharing for Shared Water Stewardship: DataStream's Collaborative Open Data Initiative
Presenter: Santosh GC
Buffalo Bay - Horse Lakes Flooding Investigation - Data, Its Challenges and What It Showed
11:30 Presenter: Haimanot Yadete
Vertisee: A Web-Based Platform for the Collection and Organization of Data
 Presenter: Michael Wagner
Riparian Condition Across the Forested Headwaters of the Bow and Oldman Watersheds



1:30 - 4:00

Workshop 1

Alberta Wetland Policy 2018 Update

 Presenter: Jay White, Aquality

Workshop 2

Where Will Your Hydrology Network Be In 5 Years? 10 Years?

 Presenter: Sheldon Foisy, Campbell Scientific